Essential Oils of the Bible – Private Event

Join us as we explore God's medicine cabinet - the plants He gave us to heal and thrive with scripture, how they were used in bibical times, how we use them now plus so much more. If you are interested in hosting an Essential Oils of the Bible class, contact me at [email protected] This is...

Cooking with Oils

Love to cook? Ditch those boring dried herbs and spices and bring your favorite dishes to life with essential oils! Once the basics are covered, the class dives into the four seasons, (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) with recipes that pair perfectly with each time of year. Register HERE


Oils in the Bedroom


The Oils in the Bedroom Class is filled with tips and tricks to boost your libido, gain confidence, and bring a spark to the bedroom with that special someone. Registration will open approximately two weeks' prior to event.


DIY Skincare Class

Show yourself some love with this DIY Skincare class. Get crafty while you pamper yourselves and learn new beauty tips and walk away with great DIY skincare recipes. To register, click HERE.


Essential Oils 101

Join us for a fun online class to learn how we use essential oils in our homes every day to support our immune systems, encourage positive emotions, help with better sleep, and so much more! We'll also talk about all of the benefits of switching over to a greener lifestyle, and how easily it can...


Oils and Emotions

Tap into your emotional side with this feeling-filled class. Get to know some amazing Essential Oil blends for emotional support and learn how essential oils work in the body to support emotional health and balance. To register, click HERE.